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note this may be well out of date but may be useful for FAQs


We have a great weekend planned, there will be chance to meet, watch and share ideas with some of the most talented national and international spooncarvers. There will be the opportunity to take part in taught short workshops for a small extra cost (around £10 for hour and half workshop) on a variety of subjects from the basic carving technique for beginners to advanced spoon design, tool sharpening and much more.

Try before you buy, spooncarving tools are very personal things especially hook knives. We will have spoon knives by all of the best makers from the UK, US and Scandinavia all set out for you to try out along with details of where to get them.

If you are into carved spoons then Spoonfest is for you, there will be a fantastic display of wooden spoons by various carvers for sale as well as an instant gallery of spoons on display, and we’d like you to bring one of your spoons to display too.

wayhay SPOONFEST is nearly here! We can not believe how many wonderful carvers, and fellow spoon obsessives are coming along with beginners looking for inspiration, it’s going to be great.

The Gates open at 5.30pm, if you have a parking pass you will be able to drive onto the field to park your vehicle until 19:45, any late comers will have to park on the hard standing please let us know if you are planning on coming late.

When you arrive at SPOONFEST you will be greeted in your vehicle at the entrance to the field, give the name used when booking your tickets and we will give you your wristbands, you will need it to gain access to the site and the gallery. You’ll be shown where to park on the field and where you can put your tent up. There will be a couple of portaloos on the field and toilets in the village hall. There are no showers on site. There will be big campfires with plenty of wood to burn, but no campfires or BBQs on the campsite.

Once parked and tent up you can make your way across to the village hall where you can put your spoon in the instant gallery and get yourself a cup of tea, we will provide free tea and coffee throughout the weekend, and hoped you might fancy bringing a cake or some biscuits to share. The Gallery will be looked after by Nigel.

The campsite will be quiet from 11.30pm

Weekend workshops can not be pre booked,  booking will open at 9am at the SPOONSHOP and some workshops may be popular so queue up early if you want to guarantee a place. Workshops are 1 1/2 hours and cost £10. The first free demonstrations take place at 10am and the first booked workshops start at 10.30.

The amazing SPOONSHOP will open at 9am and be manned by Jojo, Edwin and Irene it will be a market place in which people can sell spoons, spoon knives and spoon books, it will be the only site of selling at Spoonfest, the gallery is purely for showing. There is the opportunity to have 2 foot of table to display spoons/tools for sale, a small 10% commission will be charged to cover admin costs. If you would like to sell anything at SPOONFEST email us to let us know beforehand. There will be tuppaware boxes beneath the tables that can safely store stock used to replenish your space when sales are made and these boxes will be locked away overnight.

We will have volunteer First Aiders on site (please let us know if you can help), but it is essential that all individuals take responsibility for their own safety and particularly any children they are in charge of. Please always follow the safety guidelines:

Use safe Knife cuts

Maintain a safe distance – be aware of others around you.

Don’t walk around with tools unsheathed.

Always carve when fully alert and focussed on the job.

Do not carve after any alcohol.

Take breaks often –  walk around and stretch.

In the evenings we plan to down tools at 7pm and put tools safely away before the bar opens.

We really want this to be a fun and safe event, there are potential risks on site which we will be aiming to minimise and we would appreciate your help and vigilance, please let us know if you see anything dangerous or anywhere we could improve safety.

We can hardly wait, just a few weeks left to gather lots of great spooncarving wood.

Barn and Robin

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