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“What Fred doesn’t know about sexy spoons, isn’t worth knowing.”—Owen Thomas, 2018

Perfect spoons are an illusion I think, but beauty & function, are worth chasing. And when it comes to spoons, function will naturally be part of that beauty; they must be mutually inclusive. Sexy Spoons will cover not only basics, but how to design seductive, graceful curves, how to play with light & cheat the eye with facets, & how to build in supreme comfort in the hand for flawless eating without compromising beauty from a thousand views. An irreverent class for beginners and experienced spooniophiles, alike.

Fred Livesay made his first spoon at age seven and has focused his life and career on traditional handwork, with spoons at the core his passion. Thirty five years of teaching gives him a clear understanding of the joy handmade objects bring to everyday living, the healing art of craft & the meditative connection between hand to heart. Fred is a founding instructor of North House Folk School, as well as a founder of the Spoon Gathering in Milan, Minnesota; now in its 12th year.

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