Spoonfest Tickets

Festival tickets SOLD OUT.
Pre-fest course tickets on sale now.

Scroll down this page to book one of the remaining pre-fest course tickets.
If you book a course you have the option to buy a Spoonfest ticket at the same time. Just fill in the boxes on the course booking page.

Pre-Festival course tickets

These courses run from 2pm on Tues 1st to 4pm Thurs 3rd Aug 2017.

Pre-fest course tickets are £275 – please see the courses page for more details. A pre-fest ticket includes lunch time meal, free vehicle access to the site and free camping Tues and Weds night. If you are staying on for Spoonfest you’ll also need a Spoonfest ticket and vehicle pass (if you have a vehicle on site).

Tickets for Spoonfest 2017 are SOLD OUT

Spoonfest is on Fri 4th to Sun 6th Aug 2017. An Adult ticket for Spoonfest is £85 and includes camping Thurs (access to site from 5.30pm), Fri and Sat night (not Sunday night). To bring a vehicle (car or camper van) on to the site you will need to buy a vehicle pass as well.

To make the festival as safe as possible for everyone attending can you please pay attention to the safety information in the terms and conditions. Note there are clear rules regarding supervision of under 18s whilst they carve.

Payment and ticket emails

You pay online by by PayPal, you do not need to already have a PayPal account as you can choose to simply enter your credit or debit card details on the secure PayPal screen.

After you’ve paid and coplerted your ticket order you will recieve an email with the subject: Spoonfest ticket number 17123

Please record your ticket number (the 5 digit number in the email) and if possible print the email and bring it along to Spoonfest as it will make it quicker and easier for you to register at Spoonfest.

If you can’t print it or don’t remember to bring it please have a record of your ticket number. It’ll really help things go smoothly at the festival reception and for the volunteers helping on the gate.

Access to the festival site

Spoonfest  is just a few of minutes walk from Edale train station (please come by train!!). To park on the festival field you’ll need a vehicle pass (unlike previous yers there’s no distinction between car and campervan – they’re all just vehicles).

We have tried to keep the costs of spoonfest to a minimum for all. Our insurance only covers paid Spoonfest participants on the festival field, so there will be no access to the public and we are afraid no visitors or friends without tickets.

 We look forward to seeing you at Spoonfest.

For more details please browse this website and check out the FAQs.