Pre-fest Courses for 2018

Pre-fest course tutors for 2018 are: Adam Hawker, Barn The Spoon, Fred Livesay, Jarrod Dahl, JoJo Wood.  – scroll down to see details of the courses.

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Introduction to the pre-fest courses

Spoonfest is a fantastic sharing of skills and great fun but the workshops are just short taster sessions. If you really want to learn then you need longer.

Since we have some of the best spooncarvers in the world coming we thought we should get them here three days earlier and offer the chance of a course. Not only will you have the enjoyment of learning with a small group from a master carver you will also be sharing the Spoonfest site with 4 other courses so we all get to see what the other tutors are up to as well.

Courses cost £275 including all materials. All courses run 2pm-5.30pm on Tues 31st July and 9.30-4.30 on Weds 1st Aug and Thurs 2nd Aug. Free camping on site is included, as is a good lunch each day and lots of tea and coffee. The fires will be going in the evenings for folk to cook over or often there’s a large group goes to eat at a local pub. There are limited shower facilities.

We have big shared lunchtime meals and can see progress in all the classes, almost 5 classes for the price of one. I always love turning up to a festival early and seeing the site build up and then all the visitors arrive, for the folk who come on these special courses the atmosphere is great.

Pre fest courses are aimed at folk who can already use the basic tools rather than absolute beginners. There will be some tools available but we hope many folk will be able to bring their own tools.

Course Tutors

Tickets for the pre-fest courses go on sale on the Tickets page at 12 noon on Sat 28th April 2018. Places are limited to 10 people per course and some courses sell out quickly.



Aimed at intermediates, Adam will be teaching his methodical approach to carving, including carving from a bent branch and how to add kolrosing decoration. His course will focus on disciplined axe work to create a neat blank, precise and considered knife work and will touch on facets, finials and balancing form and function. 

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Learn to Teach Spoon Carving

A class lead by Barn the Spoon, designed to support those already teaching Spoon Carving, and carvers with experience who want to start. Day one will involve techniques for teaching knife grips and basic axe techniques, the rest of the course aims to:

  • Develop and improve your teaching techniques.
  • Provide a forum to discuss issues and your own ideas with other teachers.
  • Give access to projects/lesson plans and teaching aids.
  • Help with Risk assessments.

After the class you can become part of an on-going support network with lifetime membership to our video tutorials for free.

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“What Fred doesn’t know about sexy, isn’t worth knowing.”—Owen Thomas, 2018

Perfect spoons are an illusion I think, but beauty & function, are worth chasing. And when it comes to spoons, function will naturally be part of that beauty; they must be mutually inclusive. Sexy Spoons will cover not only basics, but how to design seductive, graceful curves, how to play with light & cheat the eye with facets, & how to build in supreme comfort in the hand for flawless eating without compromising beauty from a thousand views. An irreverent class for beginners and experienced spooniophiles, alike.




Advanced Spoon Carving

Jarrod is looking forward to offering a prefest course this year focusing on advanced spoon carving. He will cover all the basics of spoon carving as well as explore advanced knife grips, creating and improving spoon designs, finding and carving crooks, and the subtle art of micro-decoration. If participants choose to, they can bring their spoons in for group critique sessions.

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Eating Spoon Masterclass

An exploration of the pinnacle of spoon carving – the Eating Spoon. Not only must an eating spoon be glorious to behold, it must also perform exceptionally in both hand and mouth. JoJo will be teaching you all of her tricks and techniques, developed over a lifetime of carving, to create the perfect eating spoon.

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