Pre-festival Courses

All sold out except for Peter Follansbee teaching beginners spooncarving. You don’t need to be a complete beginner, if you’ve carved a little before and you want to get an awesome boost to your spooncarving ability grab one of the last tickets for this course now…

When you book a place on one of the pre-fest courses you have the option of staying on for Spoonfest, even although it’s sold out, for the usual ticket price of £85.

SPOONFEST is a fantastic sharing of skills and great fun but the workshops are just short taster sessions. If you really want to learn then you need longer. Since we have some of the best spooncarvers in the world coming we thought we should get them here three days earlier and offer the chance of a course. Not only will you have the enjoyment of learning with a small group from a master carver you will also be sharing the SPOONFEST site with 4 other courses so we all get to see what the other tutors are up to as well.

Courses cost £275 including all materials. All courses run 2pm-5.30pm on Tues 2nd Aug and 9.30-4.30 on Weds and Thurs. Free camping on site is included, as is a good lunch each day and lots of tea and coffee. The fires will be going in the evenings for folk to cook over or often there’s a large group goes to eat at a local pub. There are limited shower facilities.

We have big shared lunchtime meals and can see progress in all the classes, almost 5 classes for the price of one. I always love turning up to a festival early and seeing the site build up and then all the visitors arrive, for the folk who come on these special courses the atmosphere is great.

We have 4 pre fest courses are aimed at folk who can already use the basic tools rather than absolute beginners and one class aimed at those just starting out. There will be some tools available but we hope many folk will be able to bring their own tools.

After having mostly Swedish instructors last year, this year most of our visiting instructors are from the USA our course tutors for 2016 are 

Peter Follansbee teaching beginners spooncarving

Peter has been involved in the green wood scene from the early days. For many years he worked as the joiner at Plimoth Plantation making replica period furniture. Alongside this he has always carved spoons, see him showing Roy Underhill how to carve spoons on The Wheelwright’s Shop and be inspired by his blog here

Most important thought he is a great teacher and hilarious raconteur, SPOONFEST 2016 will be added fun with this guy around. Peter is teaching a class for those just beginning or at the early stages of spooncarving, you’ll learn safe knife grips, how to use the axe and how to get spoon blanks out of the tree.    BUY A COURSE TICKET



Fred Livesay – SOLD OUT


Fred was a big hit when he first came over to the UK for Spoonfest 2013, we’re really excited to be welcoming him back again. Fred is a founder of North House Folk School, a Slöjd instructor at the Waldorf schools in the cities, has studied hand craft extensively in Sweden and is a frequent instructor at the Swedish Institute. He is amazing at passing on his impeccable skills. He makes beautiful delicate spoons, often in quirky shapes. We love Fred, and so will you. Check out his work on his instagram.

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Alexander Yerks – SOLD OUT

A first time spoonfest teacher! Alex has been carving, photographing, living and breathing green woodwork for the past six years. He’s got a great eye for design, all his spoons featuring very sexy curves and forms. As well as carving mountains of great spoons he’s also a professional photographer, and takes wonderful photographs of his craft. Check out his work on his website and his instagram.



Magnus Sundelin – SOLD OUT

Toolmaker and spooncarver Magnus was a real hit when he came to spoonfest for the first time in 2014, his bold bright style of work is a breath of fresh air and his manner quiet and humble. His prefest course in 2015 resulted in some wonderful work and an injection of colour and decorative carving to the UK scene. We are delighted that he is returning this year to teach a full course again.



Jarrod Stone Dahl    – SOLD OUT

From Wisconsin USA. Jarrod is a multitalented woodsman with skills ranging from making birch bark canoes to turning Scandinavian style ale bowls. He is an extremely talented and productive spooncarver who thinks deeply about the things that make one spoon work better than another. He is also a great teacher. This is his website and blog